A better training Model?

(Now why didn’t I think of that?)

Are you interested in a better, cost effective option for your Cognos training? The normal training model Companies employ is to send their Cognos users to an IBM training provider where they use (and pay for) IBM servers, IBM manuals, while they learn with IBM sample data. It’s true that they come back to work with some knowledge of where to click in the software program, and usually, this is where the real training begins.

What if there was a way to train your users where they would not need to use IBM servers or IBM manuals and your users could do the training using the data they would be working with at their job? And what if this type of training could more be cost effective?

Techeducate has a few flexible modes of teaching where Cognos users learn to use the product with the Sample data they own. (ps. You bought it with the software)

One model is (for instance) where you can learn the Reporting tool for 3 days at your work, and for 2 days, the instructor can guide your users into transitioning the skills to the data they will be working with at their desk.

If it’s difficult for you to let your users leave their desk for a week, we have a different online model where your users can do their work for the first half of the day, and for 2 ½ to 3/12 hours, they can learn online following the instructor. Mixing the Cognos training with the actual work will teach them to interface with their data quicker.

Of course, the traditional style of teaching can also be done, but all this at a competitive rate.

For 3 – 6 students, costs can be as low as $1500 per day.