Wayne Estrada – Wayne Estrada Senior Technical Instructor. Worked 2006-2012 for IBM-Cognos Corporation as a Senior Technical Trainer. Wayne was a Highly recognized, top producing teacher and lecturer, expert in the use, application, and implementation of Cognos BI technologies in Government and Private Sector applications. Wayne has the ability to analyze, plan, and implement effective designs utilizing integrated technologies including data bases, operating systems, and web technologies to create effective, efficient, expandable solutions. LEARN MORE ABOUT WAYNE

Syd Shewchuk Syd Shewchuk has over 12 years of expert level experience with the Cognos suite, ranging from the early years of Cognos 7, through 8 and 10 to the latest IBM Cognos Analytics 11 platform. He is a former Senior Cognos Instructor with IBM and has worked as a Cognos Trainer, Mentor and Consultant for several IBM partner companies. He is IBM certified in all aspects of Cognos BI, Cognos Analytics and TM1. Syd has helped hundreds of public and private sector clients work with and understand their business intelligence implementations including report/dashboard design, interactive performance metrics development and data modeling. LEARN MORE ABOUT SYD

Nanci Forgeron-Green – Nanci is a former Senior Cognos Education Specialist with over 10 years of experience with the Cognos suite of products including all Cognos 7, Cognos 8, Cognos 10 and IBM Cognos Analytics 11 platforms.  LEARN MORE ABOUT NANCI

Bob Lepine – Bob has had a 20-year career in information technology. He actually used to be a hardware specialist, but decided to make the switch to the software side. After the switch, business intelligence became his specialty, which seems to fit his current interests as he thoroughly enjoys the art of working with and shaping data to make insightful and impactful business decisions. Bob has quite a bit of teaching experience under his belt. His resume boasts 16 years of dedicated experience teaching software, 10 of those being specific to Cognos products. He also adds an AWS certification of AWS Solutions Architect Associate. LEARN MORE ABOUT BOB